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expressions of that will be elections next year. >> warner: u.s. troops left iraq for good at the end of 2011, though it continued some military sales and development aid. now maliki wants a lot more military hardware, including apache helicopters and fighter jets, and stepped-up counter- terrorism and intelligence assistance. but after the meeting, maliki sought to respond to the president's urging that he be more politically inclusive at home. >> ( translated ): what we want is for iraq and the region to be able to work together. and we are working in iraq and mobilizing our people to fight al qaida. the democractic experience in iraq is nascent and fragile, but it was born very strong.; we democracy needs to be strong because it alone will allow us to fight terrorism. >> warner: the need is urgent: since the spring, iraq has seen the worst bloodletting in more than five years, mostly directed against shia civilians. and united nations report today issued eye-popping figures for october-- nearly 1,000 more iraqis killed, many at mass gatherings like weddings, funerals and schools. the toll
is election eve, as such goes, tomorrow's elections are being styled as a referendum on obamacare. and administration that has been dishonest with americans, the biggest problem for the president, is that millions of americans are learning first hand. dimensions of that dishonesty, i am lou dobbs. >> good evening we're just hours away tonight from polls opening across the country. residents of some of the nation's big of cities are set to choose their next may irs, es or -- mayors and gubernatorial's elections in a few states. bill deblasio could be first registered democrat to be elected new york city mayor in two decades, union cash, floods boston mayor race as pro labor martin walsh trying to fend off john conley, a diagramcrat pushe -- democrat pushed by republicans for his small government views, mayoral race coming down to the wire in detroit. chris christie looking to cruise to reelect in new jersey. in virginia. republican candidates, cuch nelly closing the gap on his democratic opponent, and terry mcauliffe. with a number of other polls tightening, quoting the race, withi
of the obvious facts. damaging to the president felt damaging to the democrats. in the next election, the midterm election next year are likely to see an uphill struge unless a miracle occurs and they solve their problems very, very quickly. gerri: more importantly a disaster for individual americans who might never thought they could get some good deal on the exchange. thank you for coming on. appreciate your time. >> thanks. gerri: but obamacare is dismal start is not going to stop the embattled health and human services secretary gates to from touting it. hitting the road again, this time in memphis, tennessee. >> reporter: good evening. hhs secretary kathleen sebelius and the obama administration continued to sell obamacare. numbers are released showing dismal enrollment figures. hours later the secretary ys in memphis at an enrollment center refusing to say whether the numbers are accurate. only that the administration has yet to establish an enormous number because the problems of this -- problems with the system >> i don't know what members were gathered and where they came from. federal a
by november, 2014. that's a pivotal election month. it's a year from now. huge implications. we're going to detail it for you throughout the program today. there's other big news and headlines for you as well. look at this, judicial watch reports that former irs official lois lerner shared confidential tax info with the federal elections committee. if true, that would be a felly. 48 million people on food stamps facing cuts in the program. 36 bucks a month. 420 a year cut. last item, french soccer going on strike. the reason, french president hollande won't give the teams and players an exemption from that 75% tax on million dollar sales, they're striking. we haven't forgotten about your money. it's all about tech. apple's new ipad on sale today, that and more obamacare bombshells in a moment. [ bagpipes and drums playing over ] [ music transitions to rock ] make it happen with the all-new fidelity active trader pro. it's one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. get 200 free trades when you open an account. and this pk is the inside of your body. see, the speci
graham only on "fox news sunday." with election day two days away we'll ask our panel how much trouble both parties are in. from our power player of the week. >> i knew from the second what had happened and why it happened. >> charles krauthammer opens up about his life-changing accident all right now on "fox news sunday." hello again from fox news in washington. it's been another tough week for obamacare, with continued problems on the government website and growing outrage over the hundreds of thousands of people whose policies are being canceled. in fact, was down again for repairs overnight for at least 12 hours. are these just bumps in the road or signs of fundamental problems? we brought in two experts to debate what's really going on. james capretta, health care expert with the ethics and public policy center. dr. ezekiel emanuel is one of the architects oft obamacare. gentlemen, welcome to "fox news sunday." let's start with that pledge from the president when he was trying to sell obamacare. here it is. >> we will keep this promise to the american people. if you
new jersey? martha: new jersey. bill: see what new jersey is looking for you. martha: big election. bill: it says get started. create an account. fabulous. martha: "happening now" starts right now. jenna: brand new stories and breaking news. jon: despite bill hemmer's success there are many new problems to tell you about with the obama healthcare exchange. web psy crashing so oven, now there are plans to should i down for several hours each night. >>> huge demonstrations in tehran to mark 34 years since iranian hostage crisis. protesters chanting, death to america, raises new concerns about american efforts to negotiate with iran on its nuclear program. much. >>> a man charged with walking into one of america's busiest airport, opening fire, terrorizing travelers and shooting one tsa agent dead. what it means about the future of airport security in this country. it is all "happening now." jon: well, that there's a new push to hit the pause button on rollout of obamacare amid brand new troubles with the federal health care website. welcome to the monday edition of "happening now." i
a doubt is happening here in the states. >> you said famously after the 2012 election that republicans have to stop being, quote, the stupid party. you also say they have to stop being just aboutñrsys ei anti-obama. that is not enough. is that the problem with the g.o.p. here in washington? >> absolutely. i think you look at the dysfunction in washington, d.c., i think folks across the country -- republicans, independents, democrats -- are frustrated. we as a party can't just be a party of no. the only place you see conservative principles applied today are in state capitalsñr or local ther it'sts, u school choice, lowering the unemployment rate, growing the private sector, here in louisiana we're setting records for the number of people working. you're seeing that in 30 states across the country led by republican governors. we need to show voters conservative principles work. to see them working, you don't need to look farther than our state capitals. >> you have started something calledÑi america next to try to come up with an affirmatiwg conservative agenda for the nation's probl
employer. now that employer mandate was delayed for one year, so this time next year, right best election, that is when these possible cancellation notices, 93 million of them, will be going out. >> that 93 million is more than even the non-partisan cbo had predicted a year-and-a-half ago. i looked it up today. march 15th, 2012, the cbo and together with the joint committee on taxation, they issued a report. they said up to 30 million americans are going to lose their employer sponsored coverage because of obamacare. that didn't even include what, 15 or 20 million in the individual marketplace. and millions of those are now getting their cancellation notices. >> that's right. we should make the distinction between the millions of people who are now getting cancellation notices because they buy their insurance individually. that is the private, individual market. those letters are going out now. this time next year, a whole new raft of letters go out to those people who get their health insurance from their employer. those plans will be canceled. those people will be shifted into a policy
to egypt since the military coup over threw the democratically elected government in july. since then the military-backed government has killed hundreds of supporters of the former president mohamed morsi and arrested thousands more, mainly from the muslim brotherhood party. the white house will actually -- has cut a large part of the u.s. aid to egypt both financial and military aid to the country. and some of the secular groups that have backed the military coup have actually turned against the new government in cairo saying they have gone too far and aren't doing enough to restore democracy to egypt. kerry struck an upbeat tone today and says he is seeing signs that the military is willing to restore democracy, though there is a growing fear that the military commander, general al-sisi could run and could be ushering in a military of strong men. it was mubarak, the man who ruled for three decades, was ousted and there is fear that sisi may replace him. >> thank you. eric? >> they say he murdered his wife to carry on his love affair with his mistress, but is there enough eviden
-- those in virginia will head to the poll to elect a new governor. >> reporter: it is one of the most closely watched contests in the nation. the governor's race in the commonwealth of virginia. >> good afternoon virginia. >> reporter: scandal actress kerry washington makes a brief appearance. >> we have a chance to elect someone as governor, who will take virginia into the 21st century. >> reporter: but the star showing will be president obama. >> if you fired up? are you ready to vote on tuesday. >> reporter: the two together is just how mcauliff's opponent likes this. >> reporter: obamacare is a total fail and we need to stop the personal mandate. >> i'm obviously out here supporting my brother. >> reporter: political analysts say this midterm governor's race will come down to voter turnout. >> giving women access to healthcare and possibly same sex marriage i think is a very exciting time for virginia. >> i'm at george mason. >> reporter: in the final days before people head to the polls the race is tight with mcauliff showing a slight edge. democrats have continued to throw punch
it or not in the midterm election. >> far from giving up, the gop is gearing up. texas' senator ted crews spent the weekend hunting game and those in iowa over the first presidential caucuses. >> an administration that seems bent on violating every constitutional protection that we have in the bill of rights. >> also featured republicans vying the white house and slamming obamacare symptomatic of a liberal in tmz. both sides are playing referendum politics across the country right now in buying of u.s. presidential campaigns for the next three years. virginia votes in seven days. lou: thank you. more on the race for the governorship in virginia. he will be talking with republican candidates virginia attorney general can digitally here ledger on the broadcast. we're coming right back. on wall street, stocks finishing flat ahead of the 2-day federal reserve meeting. the dow lost one point, began to closing in a new record high. the nasdaq down three. apple's shares down in after-hours trading following a decline in fourth quarter earnings. we are coming right back. ♪ >> the first eyewitness tells a sto
are reportedly extremely angry about this drone strike. the new government that was just elected a few months ago in pakistan was elected in large part on the promise to end u.s. drone strikes and also to begin peace negotiations with the pakinstani taliban. they see this drone strike in the killing of massood as undercutting peace efforts. the death will have a large he impact on the taliban in afghanistan and pakistan. they named a successor and are vowing revenge. gregg. >> conner, thanks. >>> the troubled obamacare web site going off line yet again. only this time it's deliberate. officials say they will have a tech team that will be working on from about 9:00 p.m. tonight until 9 tomorrow morning. but the failed web site being called, quote, just the tip of the iceberg, according to indiana senator dan coats who gave this week's gop address. molly henneberg is live in washington with more. hi, molly. >> reporter: hi. yes. tip of the iceberg. dan coats continued that line and suggested americans will be, quote, stuck on board this titanic unless congress acts. senator coats als
illegals are the better way to go. i do not believe in the election -- collection of the metadata in this country. we have other mechanisms to wiretap you go through the courts. the problem with illegals -- they did not get very much. there were 10 of them here and that was an unusual number. usually the russians would have one or two, but 10 is a big number. you think they must have stolen all kinds of stuff, but there is no evidence they did. living out in montclair, new jersey, where there are not too many national security secrets. i do not think there a lot of secrets. it is tempting to think illegals are the solution. there is no evidence in this case that they came up with anything worth talking about. host: how you feel about outsourcing of fbi, nsa, and homeland security? would we be better serve the security services were in house? guest: i think the jury is out. contractors are hired because they do not have enough people to do some of this work in- house. we have seen that the company that was doing the vetting of these contractors was overburdened. one woman in los an
of buzz about revelations and a new book on a 2012 election called "double down." these are the same guys whoit wrote game change, which was a big hit. one of the claims is that the president's campaign was debating knocking joe biden off the ticket and replacing him with hillary clinton. two of the president's top guns are saying that that is not true. david plouffe tweeted lastary night, it wasn't even in consideration and jay carney said this today. >> i know for a fact that president obama never considers this. never thought aboutr it, never entertained it.r >> but obama's chief of staffobm during the election said a swapw was considered. here is bill dahly. >> it was looked at, but never>i seriously looked at in the sense that there was a belief that it ought to be done. in 2011, as you remember, it was a very difficult political year. so my sense was we ought to look at p everything here. >> i wonder if bill daley took a look at any of these clips ofoo joek biden's greatest hits. let's look at my favorite. >> the three letter word, jobs, j-0-b-s. >> god rest your soul and although,
. this guy got elected and he got elected to change trade policy, to change the insane tax policy, to change the policy dealing with antitrust. for the past five years, what you people have been able to do whichus on this obamacare has very little to do with the ,verall economy versus the wars the insane trade policies or insane tax policies. all of this is a smokescreen. it is almost like weapons of mass destruction. if you're going to say here and the 15,000 when you have 20,000 on unemployment. 100 million people are living in poverty -- this is all this is. this is just politics to of peoples issue being critical of the president? we are at the point of this country where the whole thing is completely collapsed. after they at obama, had three years of borscht, the system needed the opposite. you people in the media created barack obama. and said of him coming in addressing the policies -- instead of him coming in addressing the policies, now you can talk about obamacare. i grew up in detroit. -- i wrotegreat book it. belt."g back the rust host: i think we got your point. scott, texas, re
're watching the super bowl or presidential election or whatever it may be they want you to bring the conversation to their individual platform. twitter and facebook are fighting to make that happen. the more people are engaging around live television that will pro tell twitter, make them more wettive with facebook or extend the gap. but i think they're very different use cases in a lot of ways, and i think will is room for both out there. >> kurt, good to talk to you. your twitter handle is @kurt wagner 8. follow kurt. he knows about this stuff. people ask me about it, and i don't know as much as he knows. thanks, cut. >> thank you for having me. >> my final thoughts go out to the once embattled auto industry. they were headed to collapse, and the government stepped in, and saved them to the tune of $40 billion. the leaner company that came out of the bankruptcy. since then g.m. made a pretty good come back. they turned a profit in the their quarter. the stock is up 29% this year. that's still not enough to recoop all of the government's investment. the government wants its money
... given that some politicians convicted of corruption keep getting re-elected after they get out of prison can we trust the electoral pro process to we hade bad apple out. >> if you get convicted, you will probably get thrown out of office. >> they make come backs though. >> even before that there is 200 years of corruption they are caught. >> h he says they get weeded out. i did 20 years of investigation on. he was involved in scandals going back to his first days in office. he never got indicted or convicted. now your study tallied up federal public convictions during jurisdiction. ranking the top ten new york, california and texas and ohio and dc and louisiana and is there any factor these places have in common? >> ment on >> the woun one factor that we e been able to isolate is they had mitpolitical machines that weren power for a long period of time. >> and they had little election competition in most of their careers and most of the operation of the machine. so there for there is a greater deal, greater opportunity to take risk and get away with it without the public being -- without
with the federal election commission, judicial watch said they obtained e-mails from lerner that shows she disclosed information from several conservative groups including the american future fund, and the american issues project. lerner retired from the irs last month. but congressional investigations are ongoing. >> on wall street today stocks moved low edow down 73, nazdaq down 7, and nazdaq down 11. >> stocks posted strong gains for october, dow up 3% in october, s&p you of 4 1/2%, and nazdaq a gain of nearly 4%. on economic front, jobless claims fell by 10,000 last week. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. >> out of touch perhaps but real out of the loop too? the president's accolade shield him from scandal from benghazi to the obamacare, the obama defense remains the same, he just doesn't know. congressman brad win drop with us next. as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break my back around here.
any younger. it was an exciting night and few more excited that newark mayor elect. >> i have to do this by law. [ laughter ] >> jon: is this one of those stop and frisk deals? is that what is happen something in what does he have to do by law? why is he even talking about the law? maybe i should just let him -- >> all right. so i have to do this by law and so before we exchange the vows, i must ask if there's anyone present here today that should know of any reason why joseph and orville should not be marriaged -- married, speak now or forever hold your peace. >> jon: in new jersey that is the law. you are required by law to ask if anyone objects to a wedding. not just weddings in new jersey you have to do that for everything. it's part of the state's you got a problem with that act 1794. at any bar in new jersey at some point during the night, somebody looks at you and says do you have a problem with that? they don't want to fight they are obeying the law. time for the special moment they've been waiting for all their lives. >> do you wish to be joined in marriage. >> yes. yes. >>
which is -- budget issues. it is something that can make a comeback in an election year. that is something that you look forward to come up next summer as we approach the midterms. host: we are talking about the budget and time. the legislative days left in the session -- less than three weeks, but how does that factor going forward? guest: they have only so many days to be here, and the bar has been raised since they came out of the shutdown. there is a budget conference meeting, a farm bill conference meeting, and immigration reform, as things that the president wants to see done this year. any one of those moving this year would be huge. as the days pass by, there is less time to get anything done on any of these things. if any one of those things advances, that is a huge win. duca --mes from china from chattanooga. ifler: i would like to know it would lower the egos of some of these people in congress if they could sit down and do a smaller appropriations bill, and that is what i would like to know. host: you want to start? guest: i am not sure it would affect egos.
in the next elections. was named asgh most responsible. to fix it entrusted was jeffrey zeitz. this followed a meeting between vice president joe biden and democratic freshmen. it appeared that the white house would have to do more to reassure democrats who emerged from the shutdown confident of their political fortunes. onublicans have roared back a wave of anger over the health care law. people are anxious. richard derman said -- richard durbin said he did not think there was confidence. this is more of a show me moment. we were all confident that the system would be up and running. we are not confident until it is real. the anxious include senators and house members facing hotly contested races. inre are also lawmakers states with republican governors who have done nothing to promote the health care law. this is the lead story in the new york times this morning. what is your top story this week? we will begin with a democrat in tennessee. diane, what do you think the big story of the week is? about theam concerned reform bill. we have senators have been taking money and enriching themselv
? ever? >> well, this is the point. when we talk about winning elections. and the-- i understand all of the i am p poe-- impetus to stop the policies, but the only thing the way it will be stopped by republicans is by winning elections. recall, when one party has all the real estate in washington d.c., they can do an awful lot. obamacare went through when the democrats had both houses of congress and the white house, if they have that again, this could turn from obamacare into single payer pretty quickly. >> okay. dually noted. arthur brooks, thank you for joining us, much appreciated. >> thanks, stuart. check the big boards, we add consumer confidence numbers out, a lower reading than expected and we come down a little on the dow. well, we were up 50 of 60 and now we're up 35, 36. charles, that's not a big impact from consumer confidence. charles: that's not a big impact. and the consumer confidence numbers out of sync for a while. stuart: i'm sorry to jump in. but what does it tell you about the economy going forward? if consumer confidence is declining now? >> the about and real n
election? >> we are as far away from that is possible and i think the rollout has been disastrous and kathleen sebelius took responsibility for that today, saying that it has been a debacle. but the question is how does that impact voters and you take a state like new jersey and you heard a congressman say that there's 800,000 people who will be negatively impacted with policy changes in the look out at california and there is a larger number there because that was a highly unregulated insurance market. >> hundreds of thousands by each provider. cancellations and you're hearing about. >> if you look at new jersey and california, they are both blue states. it's not likely to have a big shift in terms of the senate race and certainly not when you get to 2016 in the presidential race. but if this thing implodes and then becomes a matter of blame game on a massive scale than we what we are seeing now, then there is a potential for fallout and right now you have to say that it doesn't look like it. if you get to a state like florida, they could have some complaints. but right now polit
to kennedy to cover up theft through fraud of the 1948 senate election and to cover up his financial wheeling dealings with billy solastas. murder was in his repertoire. he had a hit man named malcolm wallace. his finger prints were found on the sniper -- >> on the records. >> the dallas police find a finger print from malcolm wallace, a johnson retainer on the card booed box in the sniper's nest in the repository. wallace is the shooter. >> what about lee harvey oswald? >> when he says i'm a patsy. >> in your book you talk about how l.b.j. pretty much ran that state and town? >> he had control of the dallas police department, he had control of the dallas county sherrif's office. he had control of the dallas county prosecutor. this is why robert kennedy sent a message to the russians after his brother's murder saying dallas was the perfect place for the crime. >> there have been so many theories out there. it was the russians. it was the c.i.a. it was the mob. it was everybody and their brother. did jackie ever suspect the vice president? >> i think she did. i found a letter she wrote when sh
that are offended, and how we cover every religion in america? politicians are elected to legislate, although i would say that this political body in washington needs a lot more than prayer and the problem here is if i were an atheist and i am not, i do believe in god and etc., but if i were an atheist i would be offended for my first amendment right would be violated by my government and of course, the fear of what could come next that this could lead to an establishment of legislation that would benefit christians because many say that this is offensive to other religions. martha: sandra day o'connor said that it sends a message that they are outsiders not full members of the political community and you look at this situation, one of the plaintiffs received a letter that was signed with three number sixes, that if you feel unwanted, it is probably because you are. and it seems like the sort of falls into an almost different category. and i think most people agree it is completely wrong. >> you talk about that pe talk s first amendment right and no one is affecting that person's right to freed
and deficits rather than dealing with the fact that one year from this month we will have an election that will answer a lot of the questions on policy in the country's direction. >> the flaws and obamacare are becoming evident. the republicans have not put enough investment in proposing a clear alternative that will actually help people lives. for example, medicaid is going to be horrible medicine for the people did get. lou: thank you for being with us. meeting with the united nations. he's n ♪ lou: the nfl blackout rules, my gosh, i am delighted to welcome to the broadcast tonight, a veteran sportscaster, fox news contributor, jim gray. great to see you. thank you for being with us. >> great to be with you teeseven let me start with this meeting of the issue of the redskins' name, whether are not the team name will survive all of this. your thought. >> well, the nfl did need a couple of others. the commissioner did not. the commissioner met with dan snyder a few days ago. the commissioner wants this all to go away, and it is not going to because they said that the business is an
, this effort has been led by jeanne shaheen of new hampshire. she is up for re-election in 2014 and has to defend the law. here she is on cbs. >> the rollout has been a disaster so what i'm proposing we extend the period in which people can enroll so we can make sure we get as many people who want health insurance able to enroll and be i believe to be covered. >> reporter: and that is an important point that the white house keeps stressing which is that while there are these 10 senate democrats or so who are pushing for changes they're not trying to defund the law, they're not trying to dismantle the law as republicans have tried. said the democrats are pushing for changes the president may not want to make right now but they're trying to make the law better although you notice over the weekend, secretary sebelius there, was a character playing secretary sebelius on "saturday night live." once you received comedians and those kind of shows that suggests this is reaching some sort of critical mass around the country in people sort of laughing off the rollout, jenna. jenna: interesting po
they have to pay for it. you approve? >> the people who elected to congress that passed the law that elected the president who signed the law have decided that we want to make sure that health insurance when you buy it, it will actually cover you when you get sick. stuart: i repeat the question, what do you say to those 160,000 people who have received letters saying that their plan, the one they chose, the one they like is being discontinued. what do you say to those 160,000 people in california? >> i say take a look at what you're getting now. health insurance that will cover your primary-care visit, preventive care for free, go to the hospital and another that will be covered, go to the emergency room and know that will be covered. get care and health insurance that will cover the care they need. don't listen to the hype. take a look at what you're actually getting instead of getting so bent out of shape of the fact that some news. take a look of what we're getting. stuart: forced to take it at much higher cost. why don't you let people decide? >> they do decide. stuart: no, they don't. y
of years many hospitals have gone to asking people to pay the deductible indians for elective non-emergency surgery because they have had a record of not people paying their portion so that is a common practice it is not required under obamacare but more hospitals are doing that to be paid in full. >> that is true. but they cannot withhold care so then they may ask you get your surgery in another facility so you still get your care it just isn't where you want it. gerri: let's get back to phone calls. caller: when you have a an individual policy if you don't pay their premiums you are terminated what about with obamacare when they don't pay the premiums with the extenuating circumstance they cannot pay the bills? where are they in the system now? tried to find coverage? >> that is a good question and i don't think we have a clear idea is i know when you enroll if you don't pay the premium ultimately you will be dropped and also be fined for not having individual mandated coverage but that does account for people who cannot pay their premiums but i think you would have to reapply h
it's a lack of interest. is that the same guy that campaigned and knew every nuance of his election, that came out of nowhere to beat hillary clinton and destroy john mccain and trounce mitt romney? if that attitude was his attitude during election and eelection, he never would have won. >> when does ignorance become gross negligence when it comes to leading our nation? a lot of people are asking at this point. >> i know jay carney and he said he learned from the news accounts and saw it on tv and stuff like that. i don't necessarily believe it. there's plausible detphaoeublt. the -- deniability. the president didn't know about it. maybe he didn't know about fast and furious, didn't know about extra security in benghazi. but how can you not know you're bugging world leaders? >> isn't that what the n.s.a. is supposed to do. i hear this sort of i don't know when i ask my boys, who put yogurt in mommy's shoe? i don't know. >> when you get caught, that's what you say. what do you think? do you think he really didn't know about those things? or is this just their way with dealing with th
it in some way, and most of those democrats are up for re-election in 2014. they're getting nervous. the american people are saying, wait a second, where are we? am i going to lose my coverage? am i -- are my premiums going to go up? what's happening here? and so that's the key. the pressure on the white house is not going to come from republicans, that's already out there. the key is going to be how many democrats say we've got to the change this law. bill: ed, thanks for that. we'll talk to you later, and as you mentioned, sebelius tomorrow. the news of the day is on this program called cms. martha: and ed's point is well taken. this is going to be a huge 2014 election issue, and that is one of the reasons that you see so much emphasis from both sides on this. kathy mcmorris rodgers as the gop makes their feelings known, john boehner spoke moments ago. we're going to tell you exactly what he had to say about this, and the hearing on the left-hand side of your screen will get heated, no doubt, when the questioning starts to unfold here. will the thread on the suit, as ed talked abo
could this month have helped cover? >> here is jeany from california, said i'm pissed our elected officials are not adult enough, to handle their jobs, they are jeopardizing our nation, or economy, and reputation for what? we need real long-term strategies now, get over yards, get to work handling t business. >> i love hearing from you go, to gerri: we've been talking about the disast er that is the obamacare roll out, nearly 5 weeks but the problems are not resolved, not yet. this weekend, the web site failed again, portal failed. but to be clear, the web site should be the easy part. successful on-line marketplaces are launched every day, we're seeing elements of the real trouble, hundreds of thousands of people told they will lose their healthcare, after the president promised they could keep it and more frightening, thousands of medicare recipients told their doctor's contracts are being terminated by insurers, not only with you not keep your coverage but you can't even keep your doctor. democrats say that obamacare is law of the land, sure enough but it needs
man. he was the first republican to be elected to the united states senate from mississippi since reconstruction. a few years ago, he was named by "time" magazine as one of the 10 most effective members of the senate and they called him "the quiet persuader." and for those of you who recently arrived at the senate, if you haven't had any dealings with senator cochran yet, you will find that, indeed, he is the quiet persuader. in fact, it may be the secret to his success. though he's had an extraordinarily accomplished career here in the senate -- and i just wanted to take a few moments to congratulate him, not only on his service to his state and the nation but to our institution. [applause] mr. harkin: madam president, i suggest the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll. quorum call: the presiding officer: the majority leader. mr. reid: i would ask consent the quorum call be vitiated. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. reid: mr. president, i'm sorry i'm a little late here, i say to my colleague, the senior senator from mississippi, bu
in the people's house. whose members are closest to the elect rat, with two-year -- electorate, two-year terms, rather than the senate whose members sit unchallenged for six-year terms and who do not proportionally represent the american population and who already enjoy their own unique and separate senate powers intentionally divided by the pramers -- framers between the two chambers. if we as members of the house of representatives, who took a solemn oath to support and defend the constitution, including its origination clause, fail to assert this right and this responsibility as immediate representatives of the people, and those most accountable to them, mr. speaker, we dishonor the founders' memory and we fundamentally abrogate our sworn oath to support and defend the constitution of the united states from all enemies, oreign and domestic. mr. speaker, this fall the u.s. circuit court of appeals for the district of columbia circuit will hear an appeal in the case of sisle v.h.h.s. as to whether or not obamacare violates the origination clause of the constitution. i would urge my colleagues
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